bohemian stove

hey kids! thanks for tuning in. “bohemian stove” is a goofy dance song. shake yer money maker!

i might do another version of this one, cause my performance is a little awkard at times, but i kinda like that about it too. so i’m not sure. i wrote a lot of words for this one, and tried to fit a fair number of them into a pretty small space in time. 🙂

i’ve been doing a lot of these tunes recently, honing my MC skillz. it’s been fun, in part because of the rhythmic game of it, but also because hearing myself do it is very funny to me. a friend of mine (micah barber!) came up with a funny rapstar alias, MC Def G…or M CDEFG. alphabetastic! so, for the time being, i think of this rapstar alias as that MC character.

so, what does MC Def G rap about? well, generally, def g get’s a little idea and then tangents on into oblivion. part of the idea with this character is to deliver lines with some level of urgency or importance, but to actually be saying little to nothing of any real substance. again, something i think is funny. there’s another one on called “the curl” that’s in the same vein. it somehow digresses into something about finding cheez in outerspace. NOT the original idea. 🙂 speaking of outerspace, and inspiration for a couple of the bohemian stove lines is Dr. Octagon, who i cannot recommend highly enough. i specifically recommend the Dr. Octagonecologist album.


4 Responses to “bohemian stove”

  1. Mama Steiny Says:

    I could understand all the words, so the performance was great from my perspective. You know this is not my favorite type of music Jonathan, but you always make me smile and sometimes laugh. By the way, it really kept this old lady’s attention and was not boring. Congratulations!!!

  2. jon steinmeier Says:

    ha! glad you could understand the words. i do try and make those more clear these days (after talking to you them a while back). 🙂

    thanks ma. i defintately feel like i have other, stronger material in this category (see “the curl” and “lyrical lances” on…but i’m happy to make you smile. 🙂

  3. Abraham Says:

    way to push the limits, my man! and you really do sound like kool keith! well played.

  4. jon steinmeier Says:

    thanks abraham!


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