mikey” (click for mp3)

welcome back to the jon steinmeier song a week super blog blitzkrieg. this weeks song, “mikey”, is a fun little electro dance sci-fi cinema sound scape.

i felt like doing a little semi-programmatic thingy this week, and play a bit with sounds and atmospheres. i get into this zone sometimes, inspired in part by sounds that i find. in this case, i’m using some of the same “kraftwerkesque” drum sounds from last weeks song “berlin” but in a more instrumental way, and playing more with atmospheric samples.

i like that the piece is a bit ADD, and moves from idea to idea and back in a pretty short space. and it’s a different sort of “composition” that i’ve gotten into a lot in the past year or so, getting away from chord changes and song forms a bit.

it’s also the sort of piece that i imagine a video with, as the main focus of the piece. in that sense, consider it “unfinished” until one of you brilliant videographers wants to take a stab at it. let me know! i can pay you in hugs.

thanks for listening!



19 Responses to “mikey”

  1. SexyCoolSuperSpy Says:

    I greatly enjoy your deliberate embrace of “cheesy” and that you willfully tag your post with both the words “cheesy” and “awesome”.

    Kudos, my friend.

  2. jon steinmeier Says:

    thanks SexyCoolSuperSpy!

    i LOVE your b-movie box and fashion commentary. 🙂

    kudos back.

  3. Jim Says:

    I’ve only been able to listen to the intro so far.
    “We can thrust in the dark.”
    Ingenious. I love it, and I haven’t even heard all of it yet. Awesome.
    I’ll hear the rest later.

  4. Sad Brad Says:

    This is a test. Are you reading this?

  5. jon steinmeier Says:

    hey sad brad.

    that’s affirmative.

    i’m not actually reading it NOW, i’m writing in reponse to it.

    but i did read it. a few seconds ago.

  6. jon steinmeier Says:

    thanks jim!

    hope you dig the rest of it.


  7. Mama Steiny Says:

    This is terrific Jonathan!!! I’ve always watched alot of Star Trek so this was alot of fun for me. I love the intro conversation and I am quite amazed at how distinct each of your voices were and how much I enjoyed them all. Have you ever thought about the “sound effect” business. You really have a knack for creating a very real atmosphere with sound. Keep being the wonderfully unique writer/composer you are. IT WORKS!!!

    hugs to everyone

  8. jon steinmeier Says:

    thanks ma!

    i appreciate it. i really get into the sound effect and atmosphere stuff, and the easy part is that i have most of these sounds already, pulled from actual star trek collections etc…so for me, it’s just choosing and arranging them. i do occasionally create or effect a sound, but a piece like this one is mostly arrangement. the atmosphere creation you’re talking about is the trick. thanks for that!

    hugs back,

  9. Jim Says:

    Groovin’ track. The atmospheric sound effects make it a bit trippy.
    You could probably put out two new albums by this point. One having your more songy songs on it, and the other containing your rave/club/dance/techno/whatever-you’d-call-it music. That one should be called Don’t Dance, of course with said song as the title track.

  10. jon steinmeier Says:

    yeah man! good call.

    i’ve been thinking of releasing a couple of cd’s from the song a week pool.

    a “don’t dance” dance record would be fun.

    thanks jim!


  11. Sad Brad Says:

    i love it! so funny it made me laugh. and no one makes me laugh. No one.

  12. jon steinmeier Says:

    ha!! thanks sad brad. i’m honored to have made you laugh.

    remember when you made me laugh every night we performed together and i was definately not supposed to laugh?

    that was awesome.

  13. pulley-whipped Says:

    hi jon,

    thanks for the pun love. nice sound bite and nice to “meet” you.


  14. jon steinmeier Says:

    thanks anna!

    nice to “meet” you too.

  15. grosser Says:

    Bro, what everyone said. Sound effects are awesome, opening conversation is hilarious. I downloaded all the songs on your blog onto my work computer last Friday afternoon and am listening to them now. This one had me stifling guffaws and wiping my eyes; it just snuck up on me.

  16. grosser Says:

    Oh, and… where do I get to hear the “Don’t Dance” dance track?

  17. kebabdylan Says:

    the intro is the best thing ever. I had a giant grin on my face during the whole thing. I like the natrual-ish drum sounds (toms or something) with all the clicks and beeps.

  18. jon steinmeier Says:

    grosser! thanks man! great to hear from you. thanks for listening.

    hope you enjoy some of the older tunes.

    i’m really proud i got you to wipe your eyes. very cool. 🙂

    “don’t dance” is on the http://www.jonsteinmeier.com playlist, toward the middle maybe? it’s an older track.

    if you wanna a copy of this one let me know and i’ll email it to ya.

  19. jon steinmeier Says:

    thanks bab!

    giant grins please me a great deal. 🙂

    i have one on now!

    yeah, i’ve found a lot of good drum samples in the past few months i’m excited about. and just got some super sweet “trek” samples. 🙂

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