well, not exactly. this song for example, is not perfect. but hey! welcome back to the weekly song a week for the weak songy song-time leek seekers song blog!

everything is perfect” is a three part diddy i wrote over the past week (give or take), and started with the idea to just make a guitar rocker.


once i came up with the rhythmic idea (drums first), i looped it and added the crunchy, dissonant guitar chunks. i liked it because it was confusing and sporadic, but that’s a funny thing about writing and recording a song, that as you know it better it gets a little boring to you. this is part of the reason this openning is so short i guess. it also made sense to me to keep it short, cause it’s so noisy and high energy that it sounds like a scream in my memory, which i like. (“run-on”, sorry english buffs).

lyrically, this guy got pretty cheezy to me, but you should’ve heard the first version. πŸ™‚ the “we’re gonna be ok!” shout chorus just made sense to me hearing that repeated “chorus” at the end. i was thinking teeny-power-emo-punk a little here in general. the openning is so convoluted rhythmically, that i found the straight ahead chorus to be a pretty satisfying break. so…”we’re gonna be ok” was easy, repetitive, common, and the lyrical break from the tense, worrisome “verse” lyrics before that, which are appropriately TENSE. in general, these are all general lyrical ideas, actually about some other characters that i neither am nor know. (man, i think my writing is really confusing right now, sorry). bascially, the lyrics were written by high school kids.


i wanted this MADNESS to go in to something totally polar. i opted for a little organy sound (actually a sine wav) that reminded me of a not-so-memorable prelude or offertory in church. something that was relaxing and unobtrusive, to contrast the openning section. i thought of singing choiry reverbed four part over this, but decided to go “super stripped down simple style” for effect. i like this section a lot acutally, in the context of the whole piece. the calm after the storm.


this part, started with the drums again, and i went for another pretty different character altogether. the electro element for one, the light and clean guitar parts, and the pitch shifted spoken parts i’m such a fan of these days. the joke of the piece is in this section, but it’s not actually the voices, although chipmunk steiny always makes me laugh. i was thinking of singing over this section as well, but ended up liking the little skit with “lucious” better, imagining who this weirdo is and why he’s in my room when i wake up and why that doesn’t seem to bother me at all. πŸ™‚

but, i guess it’s because everything is perfect.

thanks for listening!

tune in next week for one of a couple of ideas:

1. a piano trio doing an original steiny JAZZ number

2. another boring pop song

3. some sound design

4. maybe something for strings

5. maybe a recording of me eating a burrito.


p.s. the mailing list is here (updated weekly)



  1. Jim Says:

    Dude! I absolutely LOVE the rhythms in the first part! And the middle is a perfect flop away from the rock, and then the song ‘wakes up’ again.
    I could have really used an odd little man to help ease me out of some crazy dreams just the other day. So, to me, the end of the song is a nice comfort. And it’s hilarious. I dig it.

  2. jon steinmeier Says:

    thanks jim!!

    i guess i’m lucky to have an odd little man. πŸ™‚

    yer right.


  3. SteveDamien Says:

    mmm… burrito

    love it, frankensteiny

  4. Jim Says:

    I didn’t catch the little tribute to Laugh and Lie Down, with the ‘soooo cool’ the first time through. I’m not sure if it was intentional, but it is excellent just as well.

  5. tiny tron Says:

    I got confused a first, then I felt like I was at a helmet concert, then confused; you get the idea. But then, then I was floating in space, but there was sound IN SPACE!!! I read some rainbows via some strange contraption over my eyes that looked like a funky set of 80’s thin sunglasses. But my flow was not apparent and so it had to come forth from the ghettos of my mind. Who am I? What am I doing here? Why does my subconscious mind attack me with an army of midgets armed with freshly caught fish?

  6. jon steinmeier Says:


    thanks man!


    yeah, it actually wasn’t an intentional “tribute,” but rather something that streams from my subconscious, even now. good call though! major props for referencing “laugh and lie down.” i appreciate it.

    tiny tron:

    SOUND IN SPACE!!!! πŸ™‚

  7. Sad Brad Says:

    Long Live Lucious! It’s all great, but your conversation with Lucious is priceless. made me laugh out loud by myself, like a damn fool. Will he be in the sitcom?

  8. jon steinmeier Says:

    ha! thanks sad brad.

    long live lucious indeed.

    he hasn’t been written into anything yet…but definately could be.

    i think he’s camera shy though, so he’d have to be audio only. πŸ™‚

  9. Mama Steiny Says:

    Imaginative as always Jonathan. Enjoyed the different atmospheres that the music created. I can’t say that I understood everything you were saying so that frustrates me because I want to understand. At the same time, the words I could understand along with the atmosphere the music created, made me think you need to start creating video. The other thought that I had was the need that great contempory dancers have for original music. A lot of your music would be great fun to do comtempory movement to.

    Sometime this year I want a four or more part acapella piece. Put it on your list!!! Maybe think of what would be appropriate for a wedding?, or not.
    hugs to all

  10. jon steinmeier Says:

    thanks ma!

    yeah, i’m thinkn about a good four part piece too.

    the easiest obviously would be a TTBB all male quartet, cause i could just track it myself. maybe i’ll do that soon!

    i love requests/challenges. so thanks.

    and, i’d love to get into video. hopefully i’ll figure some of that out in the near future.



  11. Jim Says:

    Ever play an actual accordion? That would be fun too.

  12. jon steinmeier Says:

    not really. i’ve tinked around on one, but i don’t really know how to play it.

    i have a wee kids one though, with like three chords and two bass notes and 10 keys. i used it on “25”, on http://www.jonsteinmeier.com about half way down the list. one of the things i liked about it was the sound of paper as you expand and contract it. sounds super cool. and weird.

  13. kebabdylan Says:

    you just gotta rail against jesus and talk about the alignment of the planets and then it could be a cool TOOL song. Hell ya!

    liked the second part the most. What MIDI instrument is the solo keyboard part in the middle. I’d like to use that sometime.

  14. jon steinmeier Says:

    thanks bab,

    that middle part is just a sine wav that i sampled from the EMU machine detholz use. i dunno where the original sine wav sample came from, but it’s pretty much a pure, generic sine…i just played it like an organ, in a lower/middle range. glad you dig it!

    i like that part too. it’s relaxing. πŸ™‚

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