the wind dance of satin nightingales

welcome back weary travelers! for this weeks tune, i have traveled to the Peruvian high Andes with Frenchmen dressed as Inca kings and toting cigarette holders and 50 year old cognac.

the wind dance of satin nightingales” is steiny’s first real attempt at “exotica”, inspired in part by the halloween party here at maplewood on saturday night. i have heard many of these tunes in my roommate stevies magical party mixes, and finally got inspired on saturday to write in the style.

the instrumentation is as follows:

two pandero’s (small frame drum)



drumset toms


upright bass

guitar (tremolo)




misc. jungle ambiance and bird calls

some french guy (from a french language program)

jon steiny vocals

rachel steiny vocals

EVERYONE GIVE IT UP FOR RACHEL STEINMEIER! rachel came in just today and whipped out some magical vocal lines, some composed and some improvised. i told her to go for “kermit the frog sings opera” and she rocked it. in case ya’ll don’t know, my sister is a talented and trained vocalist, with a great ear and great range, and will also be appearing in the Detholz – Jukebox of the Dead show halloween night! NEXT WEEK!

well, not sure what else to say about this tune. i’m pretty happy with it. i hope you get transported to a mysterious place (but don’t freak out).

thanks for listening!


p.s. a barrel of laughs for anyone who can translate the french

p.p.s mailing list is here


23 Responses to “the wind dance of satin nightingales”

  1. SteveDamien Says:

    Fantastic Job, Jon
    Incredibly accurate to some of those Martin Denny and Yma Sumac tracks from the 50’s and 60’s…

  2. jon steinmeier Says:

    thanks SteveDamien!

    and thanks for all of those party mixes!


  3. Daniel Buchanan Says:

    Jon! Great idea doing a weekly project! I’m inspired. Hope things are going well for you.
    Cheers! DB

  4. Lindsey Says:

    I like the beat on this. My shoulders started shaking to it…not quite a shimmy, but close.

  5. jon steinmeier Says:

    hey dan! long time.

    thanks so much!

    i hope things are going well for you too!

    thanks for tuning in. 🙂

  6. jon steinmeier Says:


    welcome. thanks for listening and commenting!

    the science of inducing a shimmy is a tricky one, and the shaky shoulders is a big step for me as an artist. thanks for that. something is working. 🙂

  7. Jim Says:

    Let me get this straight:
    This year’s Jukebox is themed Xanadu and requires at least some portion of female vocals, right?
    Are there going to be leg warmers and roller skates involved? Or maybe a possible guest appearance by the ghost of Gene Kelly playing the clarinet?

    Oh, and this track is fun too.

  8. jon steinmeier Says:

    thanks jim.

    i can’t tell you anything about this years jukebox show accept that:

    “yes, oh man…holy shit. you know what i’m say’n?”

  9. jim Says:

    Damn staight! Can’t wait!

  10. Mama Steiny Says:


    This is wonderfully imaginative and curious. It’s almost as if your Maplewood party went on a trek through the jungle, heard a beautiful misterious lady of the jungle singing, sensed gloom and doom ahead and received some directions from a frenchman. I have this sense that you are all still there. Am I right?

    Thanks for a fun trip. I think a contemporary dance group would love a piece like this.
    lots of hugs

  11. jon steinmeier Says:

    thanks ma. 🙂

    i love your little story line! those frenchmen can be so helpful.

    and yes, we’re all still there. i could use a shower, but i’m loving the fresh air.



  12. Falcon Crest Says:

    Dude – Totally going to check out your tunes…any day now. I plan to download them and make a Stingmeier playlist on my iPod for commuite listening. C U Wednesday.

  13. kebabdylan Says:

    fantastic. although I was a little let down. I miss understood “exotica” and was already humping my Dell when the song started. I felt kinda silly (at work)…

  14. iamandrewgill Says:

    this song is awesome.

  15. jon steinmeier Says:

    andy (falcon): thanks man! i’d be honored to rock yer ipod. see you wednesday and we’ll rock the shit out of everything.

    bab: sorry to disappoint. i, unfortunately make a lot more music than porn these days. but i’m glad you humped your Dell. it’s liberating.

    gill: thanks man! yer awesome too. i’ve really been enjoying yer blog! keep bring’n it.

  16. Sad Brad Says:

    Holy Shit Jonny! This track is fucking awesome! The sound of it, your sister’s ass-kicking vox, the beat, mix, melodies, and it sounds like more “real” insruments were used than usual, no? I fucking love it. it’s so good i can’t stop swearing; Good Fuck!

    Mama Steiny:
    I’m sorry for all the cursing, but your children are so very talented. Holy Shit!

  17. jon steinmeier Says:

    thanks sad brad! zowie. i’m really flattered.

    actually, most of the sounds are samples (fake). the only real ones are guitar and vocals. the bass, piano, xylophone and other orchestral stuff are all from garritan personal orchestra, the other drums are loops, and the jungle noises, well, they’re real i guess. not from my jungle, from someone else’s jungle. oh! and french guy lives in my laundry room (freeloader).

    and, i think mama steiny will appreciate your enthusiasm regardless.

    hell shit yeah.

    thanks dooooooood.

  18. Mama Steiny Says:

    Sad Brad, I did appreciate your enthusiasm. I do think the culture my children live in has become harsh but hopefully you will all grow out of this phase and use the vocabulary that you have all learned to get your college educations. A challenge from Mama Steiny would be to wow your peers and me with sophisticated accolades that befit the intelligent company you keep.

    I hope Sad Brad that you clearly understand how very very much I appreciate your enthusiasm for Jonathan and Rachel’s talents. They never believe me, I’m just their mom.

    And to all you other listeners. Thanks for participating. I love reading all of your contributions.

    lots of hugs to all
    mama steiny

  19. Jim Says:

    Yay! hugs for all!

  20. Sad Brad Says:

    I believe you are right, Mama Steiny, however I do find myself conflicted slightly on the matter. There is a the lover of literature and language in me that cares deeply for and respects both the written and spoken word. There, too, exists in me the dissenter who views the idea of “Proper English” to be a very highfalutin snobbish one that serves as little more than an education and class divider–a barrier that I sometimes enjoy throwing bricks at. Nevertheless, I certainly don’t have to be VULGAR. Thank you, by the way, for all the hugs. I needed them.

    PS. I saw your son perform last night, and watching him play keyboards is like watching a one-man gang-war of joy. He’s got the spirit in him.

    Jonny, upon further listening, samples or no, this is a massive recording feat. Actually, knowing that samples were used makes it that much more impressive. The sound is seamless. And I meant to comment on the guitar before. I love that sound, like John Zorn/Marc Ribot surf guitar. Yowwie!

    Good to see you last night.

  21. jon steinmeier Says:

    i like words.

    thanks brad. yeah, that guitar sound is one of the most exciting things for me in this tune. 🙂 i jump at opportunities to use a tremelo surfy sound. and marc ribot is a total favorite of mine in general! cheers.

    thanks for com’n to the halloweeny time. good to see you too!

    i was actually in a gang-war last night, and with “joy” on my side, we won.

    something. 🙂

  22. Neil Says:


    I think if I ever get around to making a music video with one of your tracks, this will be the first. I got a vision a month or so ago and it took a surreal turn when I listened to it again today.

    I’ll tell you more about it whenever we get a chance to hang for a night.
    Of course, I’m busy til April. 🙂

  23. jon steinmeier Says:

    awesome. i look foward to april for so many reasons. 🙂

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