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weaf hear

December 23, 2007

weaf hear” (mp3)

well, the title was originally “we fear” and was lyrically brilliant and awe inspiring, but i hated it. so, it turned into a guitary instrumental, that i like, changed the title to “we fear instrumental” as that version of the protools bounce, and then to ‘we fear instrumentals” as the new title, hated it, and changed it to “weaf hear” which means nothing and makes me smile (not on the outside, on the inside).

it’s written about the birth of jesus, of course.

merry christmas. tune in next week for some new years songwriting magic.


hail santa

December 19, 2007

welcome back weary ears. this week i present you with one of my christmas time treats, called “all hail santa” as well as a re-take of last weeks song “shiny sun earth consciousness” which i think has been improved on a couple of counts.

THING ONE: the re-take (see this entry for more)

new words and vocals! i wrote these with an actual theme and content. serious stuff team. LISTEN TO IT HERE “shiny sun earth consciousness 3

the new words speak of drunk’ness, relativism, and mind control. let me know if you want any more details than that. i’ll let you sort out the meaning from there. 🙂

THING TWO: “hail santa” (click for mp3000)

this is a praise song to the righteous and gracious Saint Nick (not to be confused with St. Nicholas – third century saint).

it’s a joke/commentary about how Santa has taken the place of Christ. i paint Santa as a divinity that people worship. i think it’s creepy.

i hope you think it’s creepy too. 🙂

merry christmas everyone. next week i’ll be in jefferson city MO, but tune in, cause i’ll have a new track for ya’ll within the week. i’ll either post it this coming weekend, or the one following.

also, i wrote/arranged a song for this years Elephant Hug Christmas compilation, that came out just this week! check it out at (i’m the first track on there). you can also check out previous Elephant Hug and Steinmeier tunes on the site.

also, i’ll be celebrating ONE WHOLE YEAR of song-of-the-week-time the first week of january. i’m pretty happy with that. it’s been super fun.

thanks for listening as always.


jonny songatron

ANNOUNCEMENT “shiny sun earth consciousness”

December 14, 2007

ok folks. the masses (a couple of friends) have spoken, and i have decided to do another cut of this song, as a bonus song with next weeks song. songy song song week song next.

thanks for keep’n it realz with me friends. i agree that the lyrics on this one are half-assed, and i’m glad people are dig’n the music. i thought the music was pretty cool, but it’s getting better reviews than i thought, and that’s encouraging.

my friend andrew wonacott (yes, wonacott) wrote me and said:

Subject: don’t give up

yo dude,
don’t hate yourself because you’re beautiful.
that last song rocked, (except for the words) but the beat and the vibes totally rocked my world. You should re-do it or do a re-mix or something.



also, my roommate steve noted the lyrical problems, as did me mum.



and, thanks to everyone for listening, as always, and for honest opinions and contructive criticism.


shiny sun earth consciousness

December 13, 2007

the song” (click it, i dare you)

this song is actually a couple of weeks old. i’m sorry. i know what you’re thinking…

“nice song of the week asshole, too bad it’s not weekly anymore, cheater. you should call this blog something more appropriate like ‘ jon steinmeier is a stupid idiot’ or something. maybe if you got off yer lazy ass, you could write a song a week.  people do that, you know. did you know that some people write a song a day? did you know that there was this playwright named suzan lori parks who wrote a play a day for a year? what are you doing? screwing around on myspace or something? you’re full of shit. stop living.”

and while you’re pretty much right, i have been busy doing other productive things, including song writing, just not for the song a week project. on any given week this year, there have been other songs that get written for one reason or another that don’t end up on the blog for one reason or another. so, if you do the math, i’m writing a song a week plus…i dunno how many…but plus. and so this weeks song was written in a week, if that helps. it was written this year. it was written within the last few weeks in fact. and it was written by me.

i wonder why i’m being so defensive.

sorry mom.

and sorry i said “asshole” and “ass” and “screwing” and “shit” and “math” in this entry.


jon steinmeier


December 4, 2007

rhinos” (mp3)

welcome back mom. this week’s song is about the future. it’s a terrifying look into what many people say will be the end of mankind as we know it. it’s not global warming, it’s not terrorism, it’s not even the New World Order in the way we commonly think of it now. not even the elite world leaders that we fear today,with their bulletproof limos and their elaborate plans for world domination will be able to overcome giant robotic rhinoceri.




written and performed while drunk on whiskey at 11:30pm last saturday night


the future is a scary place. i’ve been there. horned animals aren’t the only worries we’ll have, trust me. i can’t get into it right now. but i’ll be posting incremental updates on the terrifying truths of “the future” in the comming weeks.

for christmas.


jon steinmeier

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