floyd goes to the open mic

episode four:

floyd’s really nervous about going to open mic night.  he’s got some songs he’s been dying to try out live, but he’s nervous that they won’t go over well, and generally has a hard time with social scenes.

listen, and see how it goes.


this was another experiement for me, initially to find a way to combine a lots of instruments without maxing out my computer completely.  i ended up with a lot of instruments, all generally playing minimal parts.  i wanted lots of different color’s, and wanted to play with more instruments than i have been.  so i started a session of about 5 or 6 orchestral instruments or sections, then 5 or 6 more in another file, and so on, until i had about 4 sessions going, that all got mixed into the final live recordings.  the last step (live stuff) was the melodica, some sound effects, guitar and vocals, and mixing the end to sound cinematic, with volume and panning choices.  considering the number of things going on, and time it took, it feels very short to me now, but hopefully effective.  let me know what you think!  this was also fun, because it started without any clear idea, just sound and idea searching.  the one thing i wanted was the sneaky/creapy/pensive thing, which influenced some of the instrument and note choices.  the entire openning of the piece takes place inside floyd’s head, until he gets out of his head and into a bar at the end of the piece, and makes his decision on the “open mic” experience.

thanks for listening!

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and see detholz, baby teeth, danny black, and dj bobby conn at hideout this saturday night for a benefit for lena yohey’s trip to Nepal this Fall!  http://tmt.detholz.com/yohey-fest.jpg


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2 Responses to “floyd goes to the open mic”

  1. Bill Steinmeier Says:

    Jonathan, I really enjoy this composition. I wondered how Floyd found himself in a middle eastern country at a bar and then started singing a pop american tune. I wondered how he got out of there alive, ha ha. I also found myself thinking that Floyd is much more confident than his composer would like you to think he is. ha ha.

    love and hugs

  2. jon steinmeier Says:

    interesting. yeah, i didn’t think of him specifically in a middle eastern country, but much of his thematic material takes on middle eastern sounds. i wanted the music at the bar to be “bad”…overdone, and overly “serious” cause i think it’s funny how “singer songwriters” write and always have accoustic guitars and wear their hearts on their sleeves. don’t get me wrong, i know some terrific ones, i was just poking fun.

    and you’re right, he may be building up some confidence. he did leave the bar though. 🙂


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