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ok, here are two little ditty’s to make up for my haitus

September 19, 2008

i recently wrote a couple of pieces for a radio show called “sports spectrum.”  the spots havn’t aired yet, and were due today (friday, sept. 19).  they’re each 1min 30sec promos.  when they air or are posted somewhere, i’ll try to send along a link.  in the meantime, here’s the music!  (imagine underneath a lovely male radio voice).

Sports Spectrum 1

Sports Spectrum 2

i was told to go for upbeat, Royksopp-esque, and to include sports sounds like “hut hut hike”, a whistle, cheering crowd, etc.  i managed to find most of the samples i wanted, and included a lot of that stuff in the basic rhythm tracks for the pieces.  i really liked the Royksopp stuff i found on youtube, and modeled a bit of my groove/feel after a couple of their tunes.

thanks for listening!


p.s.  hideout block party this weekend.  sunday – mucca pazza 4p (or so).

sorry team

September 9, 2008

i’ve been a real creative delinquent recently, and don’t have a “song of the week” this week.

i may have succomed to the evil “creative inpiration” demon, but i’m really just not “feeling it” these days.

call it “burn out.”  call it “time management.”  call it adjusting to real life again after a crazy summer.  call it mike tyson’s punchout on NES.  either way you slice it.  i ain’ writ’n right now.  no need really.

i imagine that i will again soon.  and upon writing, will post.

thanks for your patience and understanding.