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Johnny Amazing’s Amazing Guitar Rock School

September 29, 2009

this is a new video series created by my dear friend Andrew Wonacott.  it stars me as Johnny Amazing, a washed up rocker that’s decided to make a buck selling guitar teaching videos.  we shot a lot of material early this summer, and will post new shorts weekly (or nearly weekly) for a while, so stay tuned!  right now, i think we’re up to 4 episodes.

hope you enjoy them, and hope you learn something!


johnny amazing


From the Archives #2

September 24, 2009

this is a birthday song i wrote last year for Benjamin Brooks, friend and hubby of our dear pal Stephanie Larson Brooks.

Knowing Ben far better than i, stephanie gave me lots of lyrical material, which i then mixed in with my own nonsense.

listen back to this track now, i’m pretty happy with the harmonic/melodic material.  it’s a fun suprise to listen back to something you wrote a year or two ago and dig it!  also, if you listen long enough you’ll hear a GUITAR SOLO!  it’s pretty.

hope you dig it too.

thanks for listening, and happy birthday (observed) ben!

p.s.  Detholz in Indianapolis tomorrow night (friday 9/25)

p.p.s.  Yard Sale at Maplewood Saturday (9/26) 10 to 4


piano etude #8

September 1, 2009

get yer fingers warmed up for speedy time kids!

it’s “fast as you can” time!

etude number 8 works that right hand speed and dexterity to the max! it’s a shorty though, so take your time learning the parts and finding a good fingering and you’ll be performing it in no time (if you’re awesome).


and stay tuned for another “from the archives” post soon!