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something old, something new

May 24, 2010

hi mom,

1.  so, i’ve been writing a lot lately for one thing or another and it caused me at some point to go back through some old stuff.  this was fun.  i havn’t listened to many of the “song a week” tracks in a while, and there were some tracks that didn’t get posted during that time.  i think i was looking for examples of orchestral writing for a client recently, and came upon something i titled “LOST” when i wrote it.  i figured out that this track was originally part of the “floyd” series i made a couple of years ago, but had been cut for one reason or another.  upon listening now, i was both pleased with the writing in many ways, and embarrassed by the samples/sounds/realism.

note:  it can be tough to make realistic orchestral sounds from synthesized instruments, and this is a good example.

2.  i just finished a track for Tour de Fat 2010, for which i’m a music director, and it’s a track i’m pretty happy with, both in its character and it’s realism.  (but YOU tell ME!).  so this made me think about my writing/recording now, as apposed to a few years ago, and i came up with this thought:

i think i still wrote interesting stuff, but stuff that was distractingly “fake” sounding.  now, this may still be true, as most of the instruments in track 2 are “fake”, but now they are better sounding (more realistic) fake sounds.

mind you, the character of the pieces are different, but it’s interesting to me to think of them as time-pieces, both in the writing and the production.

this may or may not be interesting to anyone but me, but thanks for listening, mom.



Private Eye Noir

May 22, 2010

i did a bid for something requiring “private eye noir” this week, and wanted to share it with YOU!

listen here:

stay tuned!  i’ve been writing a lot lately, and will post again soon.

thanks for listening as always, mom.


Rap Video!!

May 18, 2010

you’ve waited and waited and i appreciate your patience

sorry so latently but check my tv station

it’s a RAP vid freshly made for your eyelids

check my talents, voice is smoother than jack palance!



May 15, 2010

that’s right!  it’s Steinomite!  i’ve created a rap character for my upcoming RAP CAREER and i’ve now posted the most recent track, entitled “The Sunset.”

jam on it.

(listen up!)

and stay tuned…for my first RAP VIDEO