new things to see and hear and buy and talk about and blog about perraggafount!

well mom, you know how i like to keep myself bizzy.  lately i’ve been working on a few things, including updating my website to include things that i’ve been working on, except for working on my website, which isn’t an update on the site but i think becomes evident when one views said site.

one exciting thing that i’m finally selling sheet music on the site, in the “score store.”  so far i have “the page turner’s big break” and a couple of the piano etudes available.  more coming soon!

two exciting thing is that i’ve updated the site with lovely pictures that i like, and links to a bunch of stuff i’ve worked or am working on.

three exciting thing that the Rhymanese Twins and SnakenStein now have websites.  the rhymanese twins is an act that noah tabakin and i developed for Tour de Fat last year that we’re revisiting on this years tour as well.

the SnakenStein show is a NEW show that we’ve developed for Tour de Fat and other stage and street venues this year.  we’re very excited about it!

four exciting things visit my new site and all of the other sites!




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2 Responses to “new things to see and hear and buy and talk about and blog about perraggafount!”

  1. Rebecca Steinmeier Says:

    I am thrilled with all of these developments. Selling your compositions is so wonderful!!! Your endeavors with tour de fat were not on my radar screem when I imagined what my very talented son would be doing when he grew up, but I am equally thrilled that you continue to amaze me and your dad with the breadth of talent you have. Keep on keeping on and God Bless all your many endeavors. ;o) hugs and love

  2. jon steinmeier Says:

    thanks ma! i never known what i’d be doing next either, and i continue to be excited by the new challenges and new folks i’m meeting. this tour de fat crew, like my chicago team, is super inspiring and skilled.

    hugs and love!

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