what’s the deal?

I am a chicago based composer and performer who plays with the detholz, bobby conn, mucca pazza, and all city affairs, and works as often as he can with other teams like redmoon theater company, and the half pints (NYC). i teach, play, and write music. i do a little acting. i hurt people physically on purpose. i compose for television, film, and theater, and i seek out creative endeavors in general. one that i’ve gotten really excited about this year is a “song a week” project that i started at the beginning of the calendar year (07), as a way to keep myself accountable to writing consistently, and not only finishing ideas, but finishing them in a relatively short amount of time. the best thing for that thing you love to do is to HAVE to do it.  thanks for visiting!

all the song a week songs (and a few others) can be found here:


5 Responses to “what’s the deal?”

  1. bibomedia Says:


  2. Travis Lee Wiggins Says:

    Hey Jonny! I’m really liking the music. What’s your email address? I can’t find it anywhere!
    take care,

  3. jon steinmeier Says:

    hey travis lee wiggins! thanks! i’m dig’n your stuff too! i’m listening to essex chanel right now. you’re a creative machine my friend!

    i’ll shoot you an email.


  4. Molly Says:

    I heard about your site from Howard Whitaker at Wheaton College. Recently graduated from from Wheaton, interested in composing/arranging/designing music for theatre. Love to chat with you sometime about what you do! Do you have an email?

  5. jon steinmeier Says:

    hi molly, yes. jonsteinmeier@gmail.com

    drop a line anytime

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