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January 31, 2008

this weeks songTHIRSTY

MAN!!! HOLY MAN! GOLLY~! hey kids!! feels like a it’s been a long time again huh? ZOWIE!!

well, this weeks “song of the week” is called “thirsty” (mp3) and is about…well, that’s a bit complicated! ha! well…let’s see. kids, have you ever had to talk about something “serious” before, and felt so nervous that you scraped your teeth against your hand until it bled all over your arm?

well, this song is about being thirsty, in a sense. thirsty not only for water, but for direction, work, motivation, love,God, Truth, etc…good things. this sort of thirst can be very exciting and very scary. at this point in MY life, i welcome this sort of the thirst with open arms when it comes. and it isn’t always there, but in certain moments for whatever reason, motivation strikes. so, this song is about welcoming that feeling of unrest that requires something of you. that feeling of partial emptiness that asks to be filled. and welcoming it in such a way that does not assume it WILL be filled, or that you can fill it. the idea is that the NEED itself provides you with motivation for good. for worthwhile pursuit.

have a good week kids!

tune in next time for a journey into the Wild Wild West!!


jonny songatron

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