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Rap Video!!

May 18, 2010

you’ve waited and waited and i appreciate your patience

sorry so latently but check my tv station

it’s a RAP vid freshly made for your eyelids

check my talents, voice is smoother than jack palance!



August 21, 2008

hey friends. sorry about last week! (obligatorily, that is). i was in Guatemala all week with some friends, but i have written this song inspired by parts of that trip.

inspiration 1: Reggaeton

inspiration 2: a restaurant we ate at in Antigua

inspiration 3: the market in Chichicastenango

inspiration 4: chicken buses and general driving culture

inspiration 5: Spider monkeys and Tikal


it was an amzing trip, and i’ll be getting drunk at various venues in chicago this week, telling stories. but for now, i leave you with two things:

thing 1: i recommend getting into the Reggaeton scene a little and seeing what it’s about. specifically, i recommend Calle 13

thing 2: lo siento, no entiendo means “i’m sorry, i don’t understand”, which is something i said often on the trip. because my spanish is terrible. 🙂

thing 3: there are only two things.

thanks for listening!



June 27, 2008

welcome back to the “song of the week jon steinmeier composition blog awesome”…or Sotwjscba!

this week i gave floyd a rest and got “funky.”


“VENUS” is one of those i’d put in the “serious” category lyrically, but not without some bits of irony and sarcasm. cause irony and sarcasm make you sound smart AND confident.


drums and bass were made first on this one. then other “percussion” sounds and noises. then perhaps that little sine wav line. all of the fundamental groove stuff. fake strings. a guitar doubling the synth bass that reminds me of cake (remember them?). real drums on top of the fake drums, which added some human feel, new sounds, and room noise!

my favorite part, musically, is probably the bridge keychange (about 2min 10sec in), where i used the second chord of the progression as the ROOT of the new key, but did it at the point WHEN the chord happens in the progression so you get a weird key and downbeat shift together. i like how different the bridge material feels, but it required some craftiness to get back to the original key and feel. i did it step by step: key first, then time (feel). it still ends up being a little suprising i think. and then…everything ends rather abruptly, because i’ve figured something out. DING! 🙂 i’m pretty happy with that stuff. what do ya’ll think? too weird? too repetative? bad melodies in the bridge?


these were really fun. i started out with a completely different vocal idea or two before getting to this fast and steady one. i approached it like hip hop word play, trying to get two or three rhymes in each line and use words that sounded good together over the basically steady eighth note. i also tried to annunciate so all of that would be understood. mom? i went through three quick drafts of lyrical ideas, all basically coming back to the same story. basically, it’s a song about dating (boring!), but moreso, a song about how i occasionally operate in that universe. i play a little with the “boys are from mars, girls are from venus” bit, but focused obviously on girls being from venus and how strange and wonderful they are. and strange. 🙂 what do ya’ll think? too busy? too obvious? bad lyrics in the bridge?


thanks for listening,


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my song for jimmy carrane on WBEZ

June 10, 2008

“my song for jimmy carrane on WBEZ”

hey friends,

this “song a week” project usually includes songs written specifically for it, but there are often other bits that get written along the way that don’t show up on the site. this is reason number THREE for this weeks posting. it’s a song that i wrote for jimmy carranes “studio 312” program on chicago public radio a week ago, where i was the musical guest for the program. it was a real good time. i like that jimmy carrane, despite the content of my song (ahem).

reason number ONE for this weeks posting, is that some friends and family haven’t been able to find the posting on the WBEZ website, so i thought i’d post it myself, editted down into my bits (ahem).

reason number TWO for this weeks posting, is that everytime i post something, i get to TYPE about it.

i love typing.

thanks for listening!


p.s.  check out the video steve niketopoulos took of my birthday suprise party last friday.  it’s embarrassing how giddy i was.  see it here:

thanks to everyone involved, it was really an honor.  i’m humbled by my friends, including the ones that couldn’t be there.  thanks everyone.

floyd takes a walk

May 14, 2008

cause he needs to clear his head. but the head in question is plagued with regret and hopelessness. it’s noisy, and heavy, and just won’t leave his body. it rumbles like the breath of a 50 ft. tall monster drama queen.

“floyd takes a walk” is the first episode of a score for narrative i’m working on (what the hell?).  i’ve been feeling like taking on a bigger project lately, and getting away (for a bit) from the two section three chord drum-machine jams. and i love thinking in sets, or bigger collections. in this case, i’m writing themes for a specifically awkward, sad, lovable character who i’m calling floyd. it’s tough being floyd. he tries and he tries, but to little or no avail, so it seems. “narrative” may not be the word exactly, as i’m writing these and seeing where THEY take the character. music first, scene second. tune in next week for episode TWO! it’s already finished, but i’ll save it for next week.

thanks for listening! i hope this one gets your imaginative imagery going.


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mucca pazza at columbia college’s “manifest” this friday.

opus 32 in b major

May 11, 2008

click this sentence (for musics)

this is just a delightful little piece put together by myself and some mucca’s a week ago at rehearsals in denver, co.

in between real rehearsal time, a few of us started jamming on these two sections of material. the first is the comically smooth I to IV (C major to F major) “jam”, and the second is the “apocalyptic tri-tone terror jam.”TM we found this to be so funny when we were doing it, that we ended up playing through and improvising over this bit for roughly half an hour straight (reports on actual time vary). it escalated into vocalizing and horn playing and interrupting people talking and trying to maintain order. what fun.

upon returning from said denver trip, i recorded a longer version of the tune sans vocalization, and limited to drums, bass, guitar, and piano. i wanted to try to reproduce some of the hilarious “soloing” that we did in denver, and also test out some new mics. you can here this multi-tracked version HERE. i made it a point to give each instrument only one “take” (or try) when recording, to retain that improvised, spontaneous (even if it’s bad) feel.

the original rockers on the denver recording (the conception) are:

jeff thomas

dave ramey

george lawler

sam johnson

elanor leskiw, and

justin amolsch

what fun. ya’ll rock my socks.

dbs yeah

May 6, 2008

who’s ready for earth-shaking guitar solo’s and ground-breaking synth sounds!?!

dbs yeah” (mp3)

this is a song that david golan, brad smith, and i were jamming on a few weeks ago, and i figured i’d layer it up for this weeks (last weeks) song of the week.

this weeks song of the week is actually last weeks song of the week NOT because of time travel, but because of short marching band tours.  think about it!!

thanks for listening,


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cha cha cha

April 8, 2008

welcome back! this weeks song comes to us from where my funny bone meets my dance bones (there are a couple of ’em). and, after the “pop song” project of the past couple of weeks, i must say that writing “cha cha cha” was really satisfying. i just needed to get goofy again. i needed to make something weird. at least MORE weird. maybe next week i’ll make something EVEN MORE WEIRD. i digress. “cha cha cha” is this weeks song of the week and it welcomes back one of my favorite characters, MC Def G.

MC Def G is a hip hop super star from the streets of Jefferson City, MO. he grew up fast, and learned at a very early age to say things in a way that makes them sound important, or even urgent. unfortunately for Def G, he’s not able to think much deeper than said delivery, and therefor rarely has anything of substance to say. he’s not brilliant. he’s not quite an idiot. he’s some strange combination of the two…well, he’s mostly an idiot. questions you may be asking, i’ll attempt to answer below:

why should we say “cha cha cha”?

well, mostly because MC Def G said so. and also because he told you to. don’t hurt his feelings, play along.

why did you write this song?

i didn’t. occassionally, the MC and his “crew” take over the studio for a while and i just have to deal with it. this was one of those cases.

what’s he talking about?

in this case, i think it’s the following things mostly:


stunt doubles

having wings

godzilla having a cell phone

being rich enough of have someone poor toxic acid on your skin


dancing while thinking

banana muffins

how old is Mc Def G?

no idea

are their pictures of him?


is he real?

totally real.


thanks for listening!


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legs over easy

March 19, 2008

legs over easy” (mp3)







cause there are just few things that you can really know.

shiny sun earth consciousness

December 13, 2007

the song” (click it, i dare you)

this song is actually a couple of weeks old. i’m sorry. i know what you’re thinking…

“nice song of the week asshole, too bad it’s not weekly anymore, cheater. you should call this blog something more appropriate like ‘ jon steinmeier is a stupid idiot’ or something. maybe if you got off yer lazy ass, you could write a song a week.  people do that, you know. did you know that some people write a song a day? did you know that there was this playwright named suzan lori parks who wrote a play a day for a year? what are you doing? screwing around on myspace or something? you’re full of shit. stop living.”

and while you’re pretty much right, i have been busy doing other productive things, including song writing, just not for the song a week project. on any given week this year, there have been other songs that get written for one reason or another that don’t end up on the blog for one reason or another. so, if you do the math, i’m writing a song a week plus…i dunno how many…but plus. and so this weeks song was written in a week, if that helps. it was written this year. it was written within the last few weeks in fact. and it was written by me.

i wonder why i’m being so defensive.

sorry mom.

and sorry i said “asshole” and “ass” and “screwing” and “shit” and “math” in this entry.


jon steinmeier