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Rap Video!!

May 18, 2010

you’ve waited and waited and i appreciate your patience

sorry so latently but check my tv station

it’s a RAP vid freshly made for your eyelids

check my talents, voice is smoother than jack palance!



March 23, 2009

this is a track i made for 411God, a project that i compose music for weekly.  this one was particular satisfying for me.  prolly in a couple of weeks, you can hear the final version with the voice-over at

i’ve been writing for this project for a little over a year now, and it’s been a great way to get lots of short ideas out and expand my pallate as i go.  it’s essentially what’s replaced the “song a week” project for me.  perhaps i’ll post some more of these favorites as i go.  maybe weekly!  i always appreciate the feedback and support of my friends, and it’s a nice way to review what i’m making and how things are progressing (or not).

thanks for listening!


cha cha cha

April 8, 2008

welcome back! this weeks song comes to us from where my funny bone meets my dance bones (there are a couple of ’em). and, after the “pop song” project of the past couple of weeks, i must say that writing “cha cha cha” was really satisfying. i just needed to get goofy again. i needed to make something weird. at least MORE weird. maybe next week i’ll make something EVEN MORE WEIRD. i digress. “cha cha cha” is this weeks song of the week and it welcomes back one of my favorite characters, MC Def G.

MC Def G is a hip hop super star from the streets of Jefferson City, MO. he grew up fast, and learned at a very early age to say things in a way that makes them sound important, or even urgent. unfortunately for Def G, he’s not able to think much deeper than said delivery, and therefor rarely has anything of substance to say. he’s not brilliant. he’s not quite an idiot. he’s some strange combination of the two…well, he’s mostly an idiot. questions you may be asking, i’ll attempt to answer below:

why should we say “cha cha cha”?

well, mostly because MC Def G said so. and also because he told you to. don’t hurt his feelings, play along.

why did you write this song?

i didn’t. occassionally, the MC and his “crew” take over the studio for a while and i just have to deal with it. this was one of those cases.

what’s he talking about?

in this case, i think it’s the following things mostly:


stunt doubles

having wings

godzilla having a cell phone

being rich enough of have someone poor toxic acid on your skin


dancing while thinking

banana muffins

how old is Mc Def G?

no idea

are their pictures of him?


is he real?

totally real.


thanks for listening!


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jungle jon

February 20, 2008

jungle jon” (click it)

this is a song about travel, inspired by a combination of things.

1. the traveling i did last year helped me realize that going overseas is entirely realistic, more and more, and also outstanding.

2. i get to this point every so often where i could really use a break from my day-to-day and week-to-week and could stand some fresh air. somewhere far a way. some would call it a vacation.

3. i’ve been watching the Planet Earth series of documentaries recently, and they’re AMAZING. it’s really brought back my adventure and exploration bugs i knew so well as a kid, spending days in the woods near my house pretending to be looking for something, or just seeing how long i could survive before walking back home in need of a Popsicle and some cable TV.


not my favorite lyrics of mine. but they have moments. the verses are largely about some of these “normal” or common occurrences in my life here (somewhat ironically), and the choruses are my “well, who cares, i’m going to the jungle for a while.” which, is not yet true, but is very exciting idea to me. the interesting thing that i’ve realized while writing them though, is that a big part of the desire to go somewhere fascination and far away is that it requires your attention to the point where you have little leftover for yourself. gets your eyes OUT. that’s part of the draw. and, in THAT place, you can sort create or recreate yourself. you can be whomever you want in a new place (all based on your actual self of course). but there’s hope in that to me. there’s freedom in new environments to dismantle and rebuild yourself.


i’m excited about this groove. tribal exotica dance funk they call it (the experts). two different drum loops, orchestral percussion, two guitars, piano, upright bass (doubled), sine wav, horns, and a handful of vocalists that look and sound and feel alot like me. weird.

the main groove is a couple of diminished chords broken up. in this case: C Eb Gb A is the main one. up and down, up and down. the sine wav melody works more or less into that diminished scale but takes a couple of liberties with it. i love me that diminished business.

the “bridge” part is as follows:

C(dmin), C6, D(dmin), G7, Amin7, Eb6, D7, Eb6, D7, and G7

all broken up in the piano, and in three parts in the vocals. the guitars are also noodling a couple of simple parts underneath. this section was really fun to make, and a nice break from the raucous groove. actually, my favorite part of the tune might be the silence at the end of said bridge, which i left a couple bars long…(wondering now if it could be longer).

that’s all for now. feel free to comment or email with any questions.

thanks for listen, as always!


jungle jonny

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