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laughter carries far

March 15, 2008

laughter carries far

lyrically, this started for me on a night recently where i sat for a long period of time (tipsy perhaps), wondering if i’m stupid (moreso than i thought at least). wondering how i would even know. i could be filtering my life through completely different eyes and ears than everyone else and i wouldn’t know it. it snowballed a bit from there, but the idea got me pretty emotional, as i assume (but don’t know that) it does any number of us (humans) from time to time.

so, lyrically, i wanted to tackle a bit of that feeling, that fear, and i started thinking about fourth grade at South School in Jefferson City, Mo. and the horrible feeling of being laughed at by swarm of “pretty girls” cause i had my friend’s shawn and adam ask one of them out for me while i hung out (or hid behind) the jungle-gym. funny now, but not so funny then; and i think i’m still connected to moments like that in my life. in the same way that i’m connected to fond memories and encouraging or gratifying expereiences and relationships. it’s all building you into someone. but in this song, i focus on the fear of being stupid. 🙂


this feels like fourth grade
monkey bars and growing pains
hang’n like the three amigos
hid’n from a wolf-gang

and when i asked them to
my boys had follow through
ran upon the girls
and asked her just what i had asked them to

and laughter carries very far
when high voices know who they are

who they are to me (big C chord)

i’m at the club again
whiskey just mixes in
hang’n like that guy from bands
you like he’s got a funny grin

a conversation has
endless potential
as it gets a little later though
everyone starts to laugh again

and laughter carries very far
and i can hear it from my car

drive it out clean it up like
old (times)

time and time again
the things you know
live in a world you cannot know
and time again
swings make amends
for reckless useful thoughtful men
boys will be boys
girls will be girls
it’ll all comes out in
the wash
in the end



live instruments! guitars! bass! drums! guitar wallowing in effects! fake drums in the background that served as a click and kept in! wow!! what fun!

this one, musically, was written from the geetar. zowie! alright!


if anyone wants to volunteer to mix this one, i’d love to hear it. i had a hard time accounting for the space and volume once the vocals got in there. let me know. i’ll bake you dinner.

thanks for listening,



p.s. mailing list ist hier

ANNOUNCEMENT “shiny sun earth consciousness”

December 14, 2007

ok folks. the masses (a couple of friends) have spoken, and i have decided to do another cut of this song, as a bonus song with next weeks song. songy song song week song next.

thanks for keep’n it realz with me friends. i agree that the lyrics on this one are half-assed, and i’m glad people are dig’n the music. i thought the music was pretty cool, but it’s getting better reviews than i thought, and that’s encouraging.

my friend andrew wonacott (yes, wonacott) wrote me and said:

Subject: don’t give up

yo dude,
don’t hate yourself because you’re beautiful.
that last song rocked, (except for the words) but the beat and the vibes totally rocked my world. You should re-do it or do a re-mix or something.



also, my roommate steve noted the lyrical problems, as did me mum.



and, thanks to everyone for listening, as always, and for honest opinions and contructive criticism.