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October 2, 2007

mikey” (click for mp3)

welcome back to the jon steinmeier song a week super blog blitzkrieg. this weeks song, “mikey”, is a fun little electro dance sci-fi cinema sound scape.

i felt like doing a little semi-programmatic thingy this week, and play a bit with sounds and atmospheres. i get into this zone sometimes, inspired in part by sounds that i find. in this case, i’m using some of the same “kraftwerkesque” drum sounds from last weeks song “berlin” but in a more instrumental way, and playing more with atmospheric samples.

i like that the piece is a bit ADD, and moves from idea to idea and back in a pretty short space. and it’s a different sort of “composition” that i’ve gotten into a lot in the past year or so, getting away from chord changes and song forms a bit.

it’s also the sort of piece that i imagine a video with, as the main focus of the piece. in that sense, consider it “unfinished” until one of you brilliant videographers wants to take a stab at it. let me know! i can pay you in hugs.

thanks for listening!




September 25, 2007

berlin” (mp3)


this weeks song is my first since i got back from a trip to berlin. i wrote the basic idea and some lyrics while i was there, about being a tourist. about how truly great it is for ME to be there and see what I see and experience. it’s quite amazing to have ME there, i’m sure. i’m like james bond and stuff. and, being an american tourist, i ask a lot of really good questions and take a genuine interest in things that i see there that are AMAZING for ME to be near. i’m really awesome.


found some great “kraftwerkesque” drum sounds and started with the percussion part (intro). i’ve been listening to some music spun by german friend and DJ, Jonathan “Bacon” Johnson on a compilation called the “the brutal truth of Joe Johnson.” it’s an amazing mix of stuff, groove heavy, soundalicious, and generally awesome. my track is more “busy-bodied” and “electronic” in arrangement than this cd, but some of the sounds, tempo, feel are inspired by some of this listening.

i pretty happy with this one, but i never felt like:

A. i got the vocal take i wanted, and

B. am still churning out some similar ideas, including vocal writing and keyboard part writing. i LIKE these ideas, but they’re not super “original” or anything. being super “original” is not really the ultimate conscious goal, but i don’t have the same sort of response to my recent stuff that i do to stuff i hear elsewhere…stuff that comes from a different brain or brains. so, maybe that’s just the way it works. 🙂

i DO like the energy of the tune and some of said part writing, and generally the way it “moves.”  in fact, i’m dancing writing now as i typw thia.

i hope you like the tune.


i’ve created a mailing list page here: mailing list where you can sign up to get a weekly reminder when the new song gets posted here. i havn’t used this service before, so if you DO do it, let me know if it’s a pain or it’s annoying and i’ll tweak it or look elsewhere for another server.

thanks for listening!!