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December 4, 2007

rhinos” (mp3)

welcome back mom. this week’s song is about the future. it’s a terrifying look into what many people say will be the end of mankind as we know it. it’s not global warming, it’s not terrorism, it’s not even the New World Order in the way we commonly think of it now. not even the elite world leaders that we fear today,with their bulletproof limos and their elaborate plans for world domination will be able to overcome giant robotic rhinoceri.




written and performed while drunk on whiskey at 11:30pm last saturday night


the future is a scary place. i’ve been there. horned animals aren’t the only worries we’ll have, trust me. i can’t get into it right now. but i’ll be posting incremental updates on the terrifying truths of “the future” in the comming weeks.

for christmas.


jon steinmeier

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happy halloween

November 1, 2007

hey lovelies.

happy halloween

jonny is up to his ears right now, getting ready for the detholz “jukebox of the dead” show tonight, and the mucca pazza headline performance immediately following! jonny just found out the show sold out, which is super for him, and for YOU if you have a ticket. he’s also performing in a couple of scenes this weekend for Suzan Lori-Parks “365 Days/365 Plays” at “the side project” in Chicago, and also been busy getting used to speaking of himself in the third person.

SO…he was wracking what’s left of his fragile left brain for this weeks song of the week…and came up with “Happy Halloween,” a semi-scary and mostly just weird atmosphere/score track. jon always has fun playing with atmospheres and sound effects, and he told me earlier today that he had fun with this too, and that he’s me.


also, as a bonus track blog exclusive, he’s including a song that he wrote for the Maplewood Halloween Party last saturday, that was played right after MJ’s “thriller” in the dance mix. HEAR it HERE —-> “Mass Hysteria


thanks for listening as always!

everyone have a safe and happy halloween.