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Rap Video!!

May 18, 2010

you’ve waited and waited and i appreciate your patience

sorry so latently but check my tv station

it’s a RAP vid freshly made for your eyelids

check my talents, voice is smoother than jack palance!


let’s go sailing

August 28, 2008

aka “pure american water”

aka “p.a.w.”

aka “sail away”

aka “little ponies”



the main goal of this one ended up being melodic material, and i basically wrote in this order:

1. main beat

2. chorus section chords

3. chorus section melody

4. other synth parts

5. guitar parts, which gave the verse section harmonic clarity

6. verse melody and all lyrics

not an unusual or particularly interesting writing order or scenario, but it was nice to get back into focusing on “melody over chords,” and chords which are mostly inside but go “outside” just a bit.

the words speak of a dream to one day be able to sail into another magical world where freedom is free and all cares are cut off by the magical sunshine and we’re all ponies.

thanks for listening!


a bird

July 3, 2008

“A BIRD” (click below these words on the little arrow thingy)

eh…this was one of those weeks. i’m not gonna spend much time dogging my own composition, but this one ain’ exactly the mona lisa of songwriting. ๐Ÿ™‚




sort of a three parter. the main electro-groove happens at the top, and again at the end as a more deviously minor version. section two is essentially a synth solo, which i did often a few years ago on sessions for “black gloves”, a collection i never released. i do love playing with synth sounds and improvizing ‘sound solos’ with ’em. it’s always suprising to see what sounds happen as you tweak nobs. section three is the accoustic guitar/drums bit. it’s so different musically, that i wanted to make the instrumentation completely different too.

i had some real trouble in mix land with this one, but if anyone else wants to take a stab at it, let me know. ๐Ÿ™‚


i will soon release two remixes of “laughter carries far” made my Neil Arsently and Steve Niketopoulos. STAY TUNED! they’re great.

thanks for listening, as always. and happy independence day. ๐Ÿ™‚


my song for jimmy carrane on WBEZ

June 10, 2008

“my song for jimmy carrane on WBEZ”

hey friends,

this “song a week” project usually includes songs written specifically for it, but there are often other bits that get written along the way that don’t show up on the site. this is reason number THREE for this weeks posting. it’s a song that i wrote for jimmy carranes “studio 312” program on chicago public radio a week ago, where i was the musical guest for the program. it was a real good time. i like that jimmy carrane, despite the content of my song (ahem).

reason number ONE for this weeks posting, is that some friends and family haven’t been able to find the posting on the WBEZ website, so i thought i’d post it myself, editted down into my bits (ahem).

reason number TWO for this weeks posting, is that everytime i post something, i get to TYPE about it.

i love typing.

thanks for listening!


p.s.ย  check out the video steve niketopoulos took of my birthday suprise party last friday.ย  it’s embarrassing how giddy i was.ย  see it here:ย

thanks to everyone involved, it was really an honor.ย  i’m humbled by my friends, including the ones that couldn’t be there.ย  thanks everyone.

opus 32 in b major

May 11, 2008

click this sentence (for musics)

this is just a delightful little piece put together by myself and some mucca’s a week ago at rehearsals in denver, co.

in between real rehearsal time, a few of us started jamming on these two sections of material. the first is the comically smooth I to IV (C major to F major) “jam”, and the second is the “apocalyptic tri-tone terror jam.”TM we found this to be so funny when we were doing it, that we ended up playing through and improvising over this bit for roughly half an hour straight (reports on actual time vary). it escalated into vocalizing and horn playing and interrupting people talking and trying to maintain order. what fun.

upon returning from said denver trip, i recorded a longer version of the tune sans vocalization, and limited to drums, bass, guitar, and piano. i wanted to try to reproduce some of the hilarious “soloing” that we did in denver, and also test out some new mics. you can here this multi-tracked version HERE. i made it a point to give each instrument only one “take” (or try) when recording, to retain that improvised, spontaneous (even if it’s bad) feel.

the original rockers on the denver recording (the conception) are:

jeff thomas

dave ramey

george lawler

sam johnson

elanor leskiw, and

justin amolsch

what fun. ya’ll rock my socks.

dbs yeah

May 6, 2008

who’s ready for earth-shaking guitar solo’s and ground-breaking synth sounds!?!

dbs yeah” (mp3)

this is a song that david golan, brad smith, and i were jamming on a few weeks ago, and i figured i’d layer it up for this weeks (last weeks) song of the week.

this weeks song of the week is actually last weeks song of the week NOT because of time travel, but because of short marching band tours.ย  think about it!!

thanks for listening,


mailing list is here

cha cha cha

April 8, 2008

welcome back! this weeks song comes to us from where my funny bone meets my dance bones (there are a couple of ’em). and, after the “pop song” project of the past couple of weeks, i must say that writing “cha cha cha” was really satisfying. i just needed to get goofy again. i needed to make something weird. at least MORE weird. maybe next week i’ll make something EVEN MORE WEIRD. i digress. “cha cha cha” is this weeks song of the week and it welcomes back one of my favorite characters, MC Def G.

MC Def G is a hip hop super star from the streets of Jefferson City, MO. he grew up fast, and learned at a very early age to say things in a way that makes them sound important, or even urgent. unfortunately for Def G, he’s not able to think much deeper than said delivery, and therefor rarely has anything of substance to say. he’s not brilliant. he’s not quite an idiot. he’s some strange combination of the two…well, he’s mostly an idiot. questions you may be asking, i’ll attempt to answer below:

why should we say “cha cha cha”?

well, mostly because MC Def G said so. and also because he told you to. don’t hurt his feelings, play along.

why did you write this song?

i didn’t. occassionally, the MC and his “crew” take over the studio for a while and i just have to deal with it. this was one of those cases.

what’s he talking about?

in this case, i think it’s the following things mostly:


stunt doubles

having wings

godzilla having a cell phone

being rich enough of have someone poor toxic acid on your skin


dancing while thinking

banana muffins

how old is Mc Def G?

no idea

are their pictures of him?


is he real?

totally real.


thanks for listening!


mailing list ist hier

“cover me” first draft

March 27, 2008

hey kids! welcome back!

this week i’m posting something i consider to be a draft of a song. an unfinished project. a POP SONG! i’m working on a couple right now, for reasons i won’t explain right now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

cover me” (mp3) was approached as a dancy pop tune. changes and melody came close together, but i think changes ultimately won (it’s not a race, changes). i went for some standard movement, with a fair amount of “color,” and a couple of less ordinary movements, especially that one in the chorus, the one on “lover, be” i think. that one i’m pretty happy with. here are the changes:

verse: em7, Ebdim/Eb, Ebdim/Gb, CM7, bm7, em7, am7, C/D

chorus: G, Bbdim, C, EbM7/Bb, BbM7, G, CM7, C/D

what i mean by “color” is notes that are added to a chord in addition to it’s original three notes. for example, a C major chord is comprised of any combination of the notes C, E, and G, and adding some color to it could include adding a B natural somewhere middle or high in the voicing, and therefor creating a C Major 7 chord, aka CM7. also, some of the color in this tune comes from those “slash mark” chords like C/D or EbM7/Bb. think of those this way: the first letter (let’s take C/D) is the chord: C. the letter after the slash is the BASS note, or the lowest note you should play underneath this chord. notice though that D is NOT usually in the C chord, and THIS is where we get color! if you have a piano around, try playing a C major chord in your right hand, and a D, or D octaves in your left hand, all followed by a G major chord. ๐Ÿ™‚

form: well, this song has a bridge, but it already got cut. being a pop song i’m gonna try and keep it as direct and to the point and “hooky” as possible, and will probably rewrite said bridge with something more like the chorus or verse. keep’n it simple. the first draft of the bridge (now cut), can be heard here:

bridge idea (mp3)

lyrically, this song is made up in sooper cheez love pop song styleTM. oops!! this is a first draft for lyrics too, so they may undergo some surgery in the next week or two.

that’s all for now! thanks for tuning in! i hope this melody sticks, but lemme know if it does or doesn’t. feedback is great! i’m working on this through a couple of drafts and really trying to iron out a solid pop tune, so i’m welcoming critique.

thanks for listening,


p.s. videos are here (including a new live version of “our universe“)

p.p.s. detholz tonight at Abbey Pub (chicago)

p.p.p.s. mailing list is here


October 16, 2007

well, not exactly. this song for example, is not perfect. but hey! welcome back to the weekly song a week for the weak songy song-time leek seekers song blog!

everything is perfect” is a three part diddy i wrote over the past week (give or take), and started with the idea to just make a guitar rocker.


once i came up with the rhythmic idea (drums first), i looped it and added the crunchy, dissonant guitar chunks. i liked it because it was confusing and sporadic, but that’s a funny thing about writing and recording a song, that as you know it better it gets a little boring to you. this is part of the reason this openning is so short i guess. it also made sense to me to keep it short, cause it’s so noisy and high energy that it sounds like a scream in my memory, which i like. (“run-on”, sorry english buffs).

lyrically, this guy got pretty cheezy to me, but you should’ve heard the first version. ๐Ÿ™‚ the “we’re gonna be ok!” shout chorus just made sense to me hearing that repeated “chorus” at the end. i was thinking teeny-power-emo-punk a little here in general. the openning is so convoluted rhythmically, that i found the straight ahead chorus to be a pretty satisfying break. so…”we’re gonna be ok” was easy, repetitive, common, and the lyrical break from the tense, worrisome “verse” lyrics before that, which are appropriately TENSE. in general, these are all general lyrical ideas, actually about some other characters that i neither am nor know. (man, i think my writing is really confusing right now, sorry). bascially, the lyrics were written by high school kids.


i wanted this MADNESS to go in to something totally polar. i opted for a little organy sound (actually a sine wav) that reminded me of a not-so-memorable prelude or offertory in church. something that was relaxing and unobtrusive, to contrast the openning section. i thought of singing choiry reverbed four part over this, but decided to go “super stripped down simple style” for effect. i like this section a lot acutally, in the context of the whole piece. the calm after the storm.


this part, started with the drums again, and i went for another pretty different character altogether. the electro element for one, the light and clean guitar parts, and the pitch shifted spoken parts i’m such a fan of these days. the joke of the piece is in this section, but it’s not actually the voices, although chipmunk steiny always makes me laugh. i was thinking of singing over this section as well, but ended up liking the little skit with “lucious” better, imagining who this weirdo is and why he’s in my room when i wake up and why that doesn’t seem to bother me at all. ๐Ÿ™‚

but, i guess it’s because everything is perfect.

thanks for listening!

tune in next week for one of a couple of ideas:

1. a piano trio doing an original steiny JAZZ number

2. another boring pop song

3. some sound design

4. maybe something for strings

5. maybe a recording of me eating a burrito.


p.s. the mailing list is here (updated weekly)

die reise

September 19, 2007

GREETINGS FROM BERLIN! this weeks song is called “die reise” and iยดd like JONNY OF THE PAST to explain. over to you jonny:

11:05am (last week)

well kids! it’s week (whatever number) and by the time you read this i’ll be in berlin. that’s a city far away in a country called germany. very cool place. this weeks song was written JUST before the trip out here on wednesday sept. 12th…and actually, as i’m writing this first paragraph, it hasn’t been written yet. weird huh? how can i be talking about a song that does not yet exist?? although now that you’re reading this it does exist, or does it? well kids, i have (had) faith that this song (?) will get written today (last week).

i call(ed) it “die reise” because it’s german for “journey” or “voyage.”

TIME LAPSE———————————————————————–

12:33pm (last week)

ok. thanks to the yamaha SHS-10 and a good microphone i’ve now recorded and bounced “die riese.” it’s sort of a farewell song for the journey. to myself, with high hopes that everything will “be just fine” and that bla bla other things. (?)

you know what’d be fun for this tune? if YOU (mom, etc) submit your own lyrics that fit the melody (at least mostly) and i’ll re-record the song when i get back with said lyrics. it’s like co-writing!! community songwriting blog experimental experience!

to submit lyrics…just comment on this entry with said lyrics. if you wish to remain anonymous you can email me at with a “stage name,” or i’ll create one for you.

alright team…GO

thanks for listening.


(what time is it?)