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birthday music for me!

June 10, 2012

one of my favorite things ever is when folks make things for each other, and i just recieved a piece of birthday music from good pals Ben Miranda and Drew Durepos yesterday.  it’s awesome!  thanks you two guys!

i wouldn’t call it a tradition yet, but this sort of thing’s been happening ’round these parts for a while.  here are some examples!

1.  a piece i wrote for my buddy jaron hilger a few years ago:

see blog post here

2.  a  piece i wrote for my pal benjamin brooks a few years ago:

see blog post here

3.  my 30th birthday recording, which i heard from the backseat of a car, blindfolded.  this was made by a whole bunch of loved ones including steve niketopoulos, ben miranda, nadia cone, jim cooper, james mitchell, my dad, andrew sole, rick franklin, ryan jedlika, elaine friedberg, and “ola.”

4.  a piece of mark messing’s that i arranged for his birthday this year:

see blog post here

what fun.  what?  fun!


From the Archives #5

November 11, 2009

Maplewood is Sad

i’m sad to say that there was a point at which Maplewood was sad.  but here’s to a full life!

“Maplewood is Sad” features my basic track again (same formula as the others) and melody and text by Ben Miranda (Detholz, Tiny Tron).

The reading was performed by Ben’s friend Ola, who translated it into Polish from this (or something like this):

There is a squirrel in the backyard.
He is looking at a nut.
Is it truly a nut or his soul?
Does he long for the retreat from this earth?
blah blah blah



makes us sad…

Maplewood Halloween D.I.Y. Video

October 21, 2009

hi friends,

for this year’s “do it yourself” party theme, we made a video invite!

thanks to all the Maplewood crew for your awesomeness making this thing:

Ben Miranda

Drew Durepos

Jon Steinmeier

Lara Shortridge

Rick Franklin


Steve Brackett

Steve Niketopoulos