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Steinomite Kickstarter Campaign!

June 15, 2012

i’ve launched a kickstarter campaign! i’m raising money for the production of cd’s, t-shirts, buttons, etc for Steinomite, the world’s most incredible rapper ever.

to donate, or just to check out my HILARIOUS kickstarter VIDEO, click on that picture down there.


and please spread the word!

thanks loves,


Steinomite show in Vegas 3/22/12

March 23, 2012

hey mom!

last night Steinomite performed at Artifice in downtown Las Vegas.  the show kicked off the Neon Reverb festival that runs all weekend around town, and was hosted by the always hilarious Voki Kalfayan as “Bill Stevens.”  the bill consisted of Steinomite, my new friends Wazu from NYC, David Liebe Hart backed up by a rawk(!) power trio, and Penny and Melody from Absinthe doing a croony and funny duo show called “Sista’s from another Mista.”

’twas a really fun and pretty weird night.

i drove from L.A. with only about an hour to spare, having forgotten the cable i need to connect my iphone/band.  but, after giving me some shit, the soundman came up with one.  Steinomite was on first, and despite getting more shit from the soundman, started a little late to make sure the “sista’s” and some other folks were there.  i had to come out swinging to get people from the bar to the dance floor, but it worked!  got a great response and got some booties shak’n.  even mister grumpy soundman gave me props afterwards and apologized for his battitude.  BAM!

show highlights:

1.  in honor of Penny from Absinth, i used a sock puppet for some talk-back and nay-saying, and eventually beat the $h!t out of him.

2.  spent most of “alien abductapohone” lying on the stage.

3.  got people to do weird dance moves.

4.  made a new outro for this show, introducing the next acts and promoting my website IN THE SAME TRACK!  i pre-recorded the singing and had the puppet do it.

listen to it NOW!

after the show i accidentally hung out in a casino hotel bar until 4:45a.  i felt like i was in a Terry Gilliam movie.




New Steinomite song and video!!!

August 26, 2011

steinomite:  hey internet, what’s up?

internet:  nuth’n, whatchu doin?

steinomite:  oh, nothing…




Hank Frisco Music!

March 5, 2011

hi there!  ever wonder what orchestral music i’ve been making?

i know i do!

i recently scored the first episode of a new sci fi comedy web show called “Hank Frisco: Galaxy Defender” which can be seen here:

it’s a great show and i’m psyched to be working with these fellas.

below, you can hear the music on it’s own, cue by cue!  crank it!


Opening Crash Scene:

Hank Frisco opening and Theme:


Fight 1:

Captivity March:

Queen entrance:


Card game radio music:

Fight 2:

“oh hank frisco”:

Everything’s gonna be ok (out of invisible touch):

End credits:

The Good Neighbor Minute!

January 9, 2011

it’s live folks.  this is a show created by Created by Katina Corrao & Jim Turner, with music by me, Jon Steinmeier.

i wrote and performed the theme and made various “bumpers” or transitions based on the same material.

episode 1:

facebook page is here:


It’s a Rap Battle!

October 3, 2010


a couple of weeks ago, an MC from LA called “Professor A. Day” dropped some serious smack on Steinomite and the city of Chicago.

Steinomite was like, “pfff…” and began working on his response, totally chill, cause he’s the best.

now, the response has gone live.  for Chicago.  for Freedom.

Johnny Amazing Live (behind the music)

January 15, 2010

Johnny Amazing performed live last night with Chicago sketch group Teenager of the Year!

The show apparently had half the room in stitches and half the room pissed.  i’d call that a success!!

this show required johnny amazing to perform the Top Gun Theme live, multiple times, so i made a karaoke version of the song that just repeats the main riff, transposing up at each repeat.  to be between 3 and 4 minutes long and cover the necessary range on the guitar, i went up a minor third every time.


i ended up making 4 or 5 versions of this for the live show, including a funky dancetime curtain call


WARNING – this theme might be rolling around in your head all day, but you’ve prolly known that since the 80’s.

thank you Steve Stevens and Harold Faltermeyer

Merry Chistmas (musik)

December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!

i’d like to introduce you (again) to:

The Steinmeier International Family Christmas Leisure Ensemble.

Merry Christmas indeed.

it’s Jesus Christ’s birthday, you should dress up.

photos by Steven Vail (


Batman Bathroom PRE-RELEASE!

October 30, 2009

if you attend Maplewood’s Halloween Party TOMORROW NIGHT and use my bathroom, you will here the following recording on loop.  if you do not attend Maplewood’s Halloween Party TOMORROW NIGHT you will not experience the visual accompaniment to this piece.  BUT you’re welcome to download this and use it as a loop in your own bathroom(s) anytime.

happy halloween

excerpt here:

here the whole track here –

Maplewood Halloween D.I.Y. Video

October 21, 2009

hi friends,

for this year’s “do it yourself” party theme, we made a video invite!

thanks to all the Maplewood crew for your awesomeness making this thing:

Ben Miranda

Drew Durepos

Jon Steinmeier

Lara Shortridge

Rick Franklin


Steve Brackett

Steve Niketopoulos