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birthday music for me!

June 10, 2012

one of my favorite things ever is when folks make things for each other, and i just recieved a piece of birthday music from good pals Ben Miranda and Drew Durepos yesterday.  it’s awesome!  thanks you two guys!

i wouldn’t call it a tradition yet, but this sort of thing’s been happening ’round these parts for a while.  here are some examples!

1.  a piece i wrote for my buddy jaron hilger a few years ago:

see blog post here

2.  a  piece i wrote for my pal benjamin brooks a few years ago:

see blog post here

3.  my 30th birthday recording, which i heard from the backseat of a car, blindfolded.  this was made by a whole bunch of loved ones including steve niketopoulos, ben miranda, nadia cone, jim cooper, james mitchell, my dad, andrew sole, rick franklin, ryan jedlika, elaine friedberg, and “ola.”

4.  a piece of mark messing’s that i arranged for his birthday this year:

see blog post here

what fun.  what?  fun!

new things to see and hear and buy and talk about and blog about perraggafount!

May 5, 2012

well mom, you know how i like to keep myself bizzy.  lately i’ve been working on a few things, including updating my website to include things that i’ve been working on, except for working on my website, which isn’t an update on the site but i think becomes evident when one views said site.

one exciting thing that i’m finally selling sheet music on the site, in the “score store.”  so far i have “the page turner’s big break” and a couple of the piano etudes available.  more coming soon!

two exciting thing is that i’ve updated the site with lovely pictures that i like, and links to a bunch of stuff i’ve worked or am working on.

three exciting thing that the Rhymanese Twins and SnakenStein now have websites.  the rhymanese twins is an act that noah tabakin and i developed for Tour de Fat last year that we’re revisiting on this years tour as well.

the SnakenStein show is a NEW show that we’ve developed for Tour de Fat and other stage and street venues this year.  we’re very excited about it!

four exciting things visit my new site and all of the other sites!



The next big thing in birthday music

April 8, 2012

oh! hello. didn’t see you there.

ever get tired of singing the same happy birthday song to friends and family of yours that are composers?

try making a special a capella birthday rendition of something that they composed!

i did this recently for Mark Messing, based on an excerpt from an awesome piece of his called “Fredonia Strikes Back” that he wrote for orchestra.

here’s the excerpt:

and here’s my happy birthday mark messing a capella home recorded silly town version:

this was fun for a couple two tree reasons.

1. i got to get into this section of the piece and get to know it a little; figure out the chords and some of the voicings, etc.
2. the piece is a comically dark vehicle for a “happy birthday” message.
3. i like to sing. hadn’t done any voice only work in a while, and it’s quite satisfying. fun to sing all the parts and have to
tune to yourself, and in this case, make some percussion noises! also, nice to not have to set up and tear down other gear
all afternoon recording live instruments.

whenever i get into a project like this it always makes me wanna do a whole set. like make a record of this, a record of that. kids songs, hip hop, a capella stuff, a heavy metal album. but who has the time?

anyway, thanks for the music mark! happy day!


The Good Neighbor Minute!

January 9, 2011

it’s live folks.  this is a show created by Created by Katina Corrao & Jim Turner, with music by me, Jon Steinmeier.

i wrote and performed the theme and made various “bumpers” or transitions based on the same material.

episode 1:

facebook page is here:


Johnny Amazing Live (behind the music)

January 15, 2010

Johnny Amazing performed live last night with Chicago sketch group Teenager of the Year!

The show apparently had half the room in stitches and half the room pissed.  i’d call that a success!!

this show required johnny amazing to perform the Top Gun Theme live, multiple times, so i made a karaoke version of the song that just repeats the main riff, transposing up at each repeat.  to be between 3 and 4 minutes long and cover the necessary range on the guitar, i went up a minor third every time.


i ended up making 4 or 5 versions of this for the live show, including a funky dancetime curtain call


WARNING – this theme might be rolling around in your head all day, but you’ve prolly known that since the 80’s.

thank you Steve Stevens and Harold Faltermeyer

Merry Chistmas (musik)

December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!

i’d like to introduce you (again) to:

The Steinmeier International Family Christmas Leisure Ensemble.

Merry Christmas indeed.

it’s Jesus Christ’s birthday, you should dress up.

photos by Steven Vail (


Batman Bathroom PRE-RELEASE!

October 30, 2009

if you attend Maplewood’s Halloween Party TOMORROW NIGHT and use my bathroom, you will here the following recording on loop.  if you do not attend Maplewood’s Halloween Party TOMORROW NIGHT you will not experience the visual accompaniment to this piece.  BUT you’re welcome to download this and use it as a loop in your own bathroom(s) anytime.

happy halloween

excerpt here:

here the whole track here –

Maplewood Halloween D.I.Y. Video

October 21, 2009

hi friends,

for this year’s “do it yourself” party theme, we made a video invite!

thanks to all the Maplewood crew for your awesomeness making this thing:

Ben Miranda

Drew Durepos

Jon Steinmeier

Lara Shortridge

Rick Franklin


Steve Brackett

Steve Niketopoulos

From the Archives #4

October 12, 2009


this is dope jam number two from the “Maplewood Is” series.

it again features Steve Niketopoulos, Lena Yohey, and myself.

a year (or two?) ago, team maple home team made some dope jams for our myspace page.

remember myspace?

it made us really angry


p.s.  listen to this on the streaming steiny music box here:

From the Archives #1

August 20, 2009

hey friends,

with some free time today i’ve rediscovered some oldies from the steiny songwriting archives and decided to post a few.

this first one  a song i wrote for my good friend Jaron Hilger for his birthday last year.  this is something i used to do more often for birthday gifts, and this one was particularly fun for me.  it also features “tiny steiny.”

hope it gets yer rump shak’n