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Batman Bathroom PRE-RELEASE!

October 30, 2009

if you attend Maplewood’s Halloween Party TOMORROW NIGHT and use my bathroom, you will here the following recording on loop.  if you do not attend Maplewood’s Halloween Party TOMORROW NIGHT you will not experience the visual accompaniment to this piece.  BUT you’re welcome to download this and use it as a loop in your own bathroom(s) anytime.

happy halloween

excerpt here:

here the whole track here –


Maplewood Halloween D.I.Y. Video

October 21, 2009

hi friends,

for this year’s “do it yourself” party theme, we made a video invite!

thanks to all the Maplewood crew for your awesomeness making this thing:

Ben Miranda

Drew Durepos

Jon Steinmeier

Lara Shortridge

Rick Franklin


Steve Brackett

Steve Niketopoulos