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Big Weekend Update Words

July 15, 2011

hey mom!  i know it’s been a while since i gave you an update using this BLOG MONSTER, so i thought i would do exactly that!

1 and 2.  Steinomite’s doing well, and he thanks you for asking.  He’s performing this saturday afternoon at 2p in the Le Tigre Tent at Chicago’s Tour de Fat.  it’s a festival thrown by New Belgium Brewing Company promoting their beer, bicycling, conservation, alternative energy, and great awesome fun!  as you know, i’m one of the music directors for the festival.  this’ll be our third one of this tour, and it’s going really well so far!  Steinomite also has a show with the Hüsker Dudes and Dead Rider at the Hideout on August 26th.  only a couple of days later, on August 28th, Steinomite will perform a short set at the Whistler, as part of a night put together by You, Me, Them, Everybody.

boy, that’s a lot!

3.  just last saturday was the release part for Hank Frisco: Galaxy Defender, Episode 2!  mom, remember how you like Star Trek and other science fiction shows?!  This episode is great, and required lots of fun music from me.  chase music, romantic music, villain music, hero music, office music.  among them, one that i really enjoyed writing, was the villain theme for my friend Tim Heurlin, and variations on it throughout the episode.  this was also a fun opportunity to do little variations on the main Hank Frisco theme.  as always, if you or anyone else (Dad?) have questions about the score, i’d love to talk you through it.  below is a link to the episode!  maybe i’ll expand on it in yet another incredibly interesting blog post!

4.  Footnote!  so psyched about how this show it turning out.  major props to Jon and Alicia Reisinger and their team for their awesome work on this show.  the most recent episode, “worried sick”, airs tomorrow night (friday july 15th) on WGN, and can then be viewed at  this episode, as well as the “lost and found” and “overstuffed” episodes were scored mostly by me.  drop me a line if you wanna talk about any of this music as well, and check out their facebook page here:

well, thanks for reading as always mom.  i sure hope you like EVERYTHING i do.



new orchestral short

July 7, 2010


here’s a new, short, orchestral piece i may work some expand plans on in the near future.

i currently call it…

“cookie heist”

enjoy and stay tooooooned!


piano etude #8

September 1, 2009

get yer fingers warmed up for speedy time kids!

it’s “fast as you can” time!

etude number 8 works that right hand speed and dexterity to the max! it’s a shorty though, so take your time learning the parts and finding a good fingering and you’ll be performing it in no time (if you’re awesome).


and stay tuned for another “from the archives” post soon!


Piano Etudes! number 1

April 17, 2009

hey friends,

i’m writing a set of piano etudes!  here’s the first one:

an etude is sort of a teaching piece, often focusing on a specific technique or skill.  some of my etudes (7 so far) stray from the textbook definition a bit, and some are more specifically focused.  i’m approaching them also as recital pieces, so making them fun and performable is important to me.

this one is sort of the Russian of the set, and it’s character requires a certain amount of gusto and articulation. jumpy left hand work, a little rubato in the transitions, and nice crisp staccatos.

more to come!  thanks for listening.

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