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The next big thing in birthday music

April 8, 2012

oh! hello. didn’t see you there.

ever get tired of singing the same happy birthday song to friends and family of yours that are composers?

try making a special a capella birthday rendition of something that they composed!

i did this recently for Mark Messing, based on an excerpt from an awesome piece of his called “Fredonia Strikes Back” that he wrote for orchestra.

here’s the excerpt:

and here’s my happy birthday mark messing a capella home recorded silly town version:

this was fun for a couple two tree reasons.

1. i got to get into this section of the piece and get to know it a little; figure out the chords and some of the voicings, etc.
2. the piece is a comically dark vehicle for a “happy birthday” message.
3. i like to sing. hadn’t done any voice only work in a while, and it’s quite satisfying. fun to sing all the parts and have to
tune to yourself, and in this case, make some percussion noises! also, nice to not have to set up and tear down other gear
all afternoon recording live instruments.

whenever i get into a project like this it always makes me wanna do a whole set. like make a record of this, a record of that. kids songs, hip hop, a capella stuff, a heavy metal album. but who has the time?

anyway, thanks for the music mark! happy day!



Summer is the Hottest! – new song!

July 17, 2010

The Steinmeier International Family Leisure Ensemble has just released a song for summer.

we’re very proud, and pretty tired!

please enjoy while you listen.

-jon and rachel

From the Archives #5

November 11, 2009

Maplewood is Sad

i’m sad to say that there was a point at which Maplewood was sad.  but here’s to a full life!

“Maplewood is Sad” features my basic track again (same formula as the others) and melody and text by Ben Miranda (Detholz, Tiny Tron).

The reading was performed by Ben’s friend Ola, who translated it into Polish from this (or something like this):

There is a squirrel in the backyard.
He is looking at a nut.
Is it truly a nut or his soul?
Does he long for the retreat from this earth?
blah blah blah



makes us sad…

From the Archives #3

October 4, 2009

Maplewood is Happy!

a year (or two?) ago, team maple home team made some dope jams for our myspace page.  remember myspace?

the first one is called “maplewood is happy” and features the voices of Steve Niketopoulos and Lena Yohey, over my “happy” music.  happiness is so satsifying!

lena even makes a really good joke in this one.  prepare to laugh!!  haha!


find this and other tracks here –