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new things to see and hear and buy and talk about and blog about perraggafount!

May 5, 2012

well mom, you know how i like to keep myself bizzy.  lately i’ve been working on a few things, including updating my website to include things that i’ve been working on, except for working on my website, which isn’t an update on the site but i think becomes evident when one views said site.

one exciting thing that i’m finally selling sheet music on the site, in the “score store.”  so far i have “the page turner’s big break” and a couple of the piano etudes available.  more coming soon!

two exciting thing is that i’ve updated the site with lovely pictures that i like, and links to a bunch of stuff i’ve worked or am working on.

three exciting thing that the Rhymanese Twins and SnakenStein now have websites.  the rhymanese twins is an act that noah tabakin and i developed for Tour de Fat last year that we’re revisiting on this years tour as well.

the SnakenStein show is a NEW show that we’ve developed for Tour de Fat and other stage and street venues this year.  we’re very excited about it!

four exciting things visit my new site and all of the other sites!



Some New, Glitchy Music

February 19, 2012

hi mom!

here’s some really fun stuff i made for an Industrial recently and wanted to share.  got to be really tweaky on this one.

don’t listen for melodic material. 😉

DO listen with headphones.

you’ll be able to see the video this was made for soon on my Reel site, at:

thanks for listening!

jonathan edward steinmeier

Summer is the Hottest! – new song!

July 17, 2010

The Steinmeier International Family Leisure Ensemble has just released a song for summer.

we’re very proud, and pretty tired!

please enjoy while you listen.

-jon and rachel

Merry Chistmas (musik)

December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!

i’d like to introduce you (again) to:

The Steinmeier International Family Christmas Leisure Ensemble.

Merry Christmas indeed.

it’s Jesus Christ’s birthday, you should dress up.

photos by Steven Vail (


Maplympics 2009!

July 7, 2009

Maplympics 2009 was such fun!  thanks to everyone who came out and competed for your freedom. here’s a video recap of the days events:

piano etude number II

April 25, 2009

the second in a series of 7 (so far), this etude is a funny mix of mystery and classical scale/chord work.  it’s a short, fun one.

i’ve been making sheet music for these as well, so please let me know if you or anyone you know would want to perform them anywhere (student recital maybe?).  🙂  i have one student of my own working on one already!

more coming soon!

thanks for listening,


April 15, 2009

hey friends,

My dear mother now has a website for her handmade knittery.  it’s terrific, quality stuff, and it’s available at!

Mama will continue to update the site with new products, and is able to take requests for style and color as well.  drop her a line!




August 21, 2008

hey friends. sorry about last week! (obligatorily, that is). i was in Guatemala all week with some friends, but i have written this song inspired by parts of that trip.

inspiration 1: Reggaeton

inspiration 2: a restaurant we ate at in Antigua

inspiration 3: the market in Chichicastenango

inspiration 4: chicken buses and general driving culture

inspiration 5: Spider monkeys and Tikal


it was an amzing trip, and i’ll be getting drunk at various venues in chicago this week, telling stories. but for now, i leave you with two things:

thing 1: i recommend getting into the Reggaeton scene a little and seeing what it’s about. specifically, i recommend Calle 13

thing 2: lo siento, no entiendo means “i’m sorry, i don’t understand”, which is something i said often on the trip. because my spanish is terrible. 🙂

thing 3: there are only two things.

thanks for listening!


in the cans

April 24, 2008

hello faithful readers/listeners. thanks for stopping by!

this weeks song, “in the cans” (mp3), centers loosely around my Christian faith, the commandments, death, and wanting to KNOW things that ultimately require FAITH because we they’re not provable. it’s an old dilemma for me, and an old one for humans in general i rekon. i don’t think i bring any fresh insight to this necessarily, but it’s been on my mind.


guitar, bass, drums, a coupla synths, and strings. the strings are new samples i’ve been working with, trying to get to sound realistic, which is tough. they’re a little fake in this one too, but i’m excited about figuring out ways to make ’em more believable. this music was written primarily from the piano, which often, for me, means that it moves around a fair amount harmonically.


i used a recording session as my backdrop or metaphor this time, which was fun. the main idea is that the process of learning how to live is similar to making music. the trial and error, the listening (through headphones in this case), copying others, and making mistakes on your way to a salvageable or even excellent take or idea. your guidance can be other stuff you’ve heard, friends who listen to your drafts, and rules for harmony, rhythm, line, etc. all the while though, there’s something you can’t explain about what you like. what sounds good or feels right.

action jackson

April 17, 2008

welcome back. i’ve gotta be honest with you song-of-week-team. i’ve had a hard time mustering the energy for my self-imposed song of the week lately. and, while i’ve had the occassional inspirational “ooh! i need to make something like this” moment, it’s been hard to sit down and do it. probably for a handful of reasons. but this one came out in a fit of restless, busy-bodied, energy with no direction, a feeling i call being “rammy.”

action jackson” is really intended for picture…action sequence, or comercial, etc. something relatively short. i’ve posted a longer version of it than i probably should have, but added miscellaneous german voice over (or “voice under”) to add interest, in that background music sort of way. anyone wanna translate?

what i MAY do if i get time, is use this music under another action sequence sound design! that sounds fun, and probably more appropriate. i’ll just plug in machine gun fire and car crashes and myself yelling for my sexy co-star to get down, etc.

while it’s a bit repetative (like this blog), i’m pretty happy with the main elements and the sounds, including roughly 3 1/2 drum tracks.

what do ya’ll think? does it make you wanna jump over a table full of flea market goods and tear through the square to your sports car, with which you then weave your way through the city alleys dodging bullets?

and then, does it all of a sudden make you wanna take a tour of berlin?

and then, does it make you go over the whole conversation with that old german guy in your head over and over again, slowly putting together the plot, finally realizing that you need to get somewhere very quickly and heroically again cause you’ve figured it all out!?

or what? dance?

thanks for listening as always.


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