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birthday music for me!

June 10, 2012

one of my favorite things ever is when folks make things for each other, and i just recieved a piece of birthday music from good pals Ben Miranda and Drew Durepos yesterday.  it’s awesome!  thanks you two guys!

i wouldn’t call it a tradition yet, but this sort of thing’s been happening ’round these parts for a while.  here are some examples!

1.  a piece i wrote for my buddy jaron hilger a few years ago:

see blog post here

2.  a  piece i wrote for my pal benjamin brooks a few years ago:

see blog post here

3.  my 30th birthday recording, which i heard from the backseat of a car, blindfolded.  this was made by a whole bunch of loved ones including steve niketopoulos, ben miranda, nadia cone, jim cooper, james mitchell, my dad, andrew sole, rick franklin, ryan jedlika, elaine friedberg, and “ola.”

4.  a piece of mark messing’s that i arranged for his birthday this year:

see blog post here

what fun.  what?  fun!


It’s a Rap Battle!

October 3, 2010


a couple of weeks ago, an MC from LA called “Professor A. Day” dropped some serious smack on Steinomite and the city of Chicago.

Steinomite was like, “pfff…” and began working on his response, totally chill, cause he’s the best.

now, the response has gone live.  for Chicago.  for Freedom.

Maplewood Halloween D.I.Y. Video

October 21, 2009

hi friends,

for this year’s “do it yourself” party theme, we made a video invite!

thanks to all the Maplewood crew for your awesomeness making this thing:

Ben Miranda

Drew Durepos

Jon Steinmeier

Lara Shortridge

Rick Franklin


Steve Brackett

Steve Niketopoulos

From the Archives #4

October 12, 2009


this is dope jam number two from the “Maplewood Is” series.

it again features Steve Niketopoulos, Lena Yohey, and myself.

a year (or two?) ago, team maple home team made some dope jams for our myspace page.

remember myspace?

it made us really angry


p.s.  listen to this on the streaming steiny music box here:

From the Archives #3

October 4, 2009

Maplewood is Happy!

a year (or two?) ago, team maple home team made some dope jams for our myspace page.  remember myspace?

the first one is called “maplewood is happy” and features the voices of Steve Niketopoulos and Lena Yohey, over my “happy” music.  happiness is so satsifying!

lena even makes a really good joke in this one.  prepare to laugh!!  haha!


find this and other tracks here –