Some New, Glitchy Music

hi mom!

here’s some really fun stuff i made for an Industrial recently and wanted to share.  got to be really tweaky on this one.

don’t listen for melodic material. 😉

DO listen with headphones.

you’ll be able to see the video this was made for soon on my Reel site, at:

thanks for listening!

jonathan edward steinmeier


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2 Responses to “Some New, Glitchy Music”

  1. Rebecca Steinmeier Says:

    This is really terrific Jonathan. I can imagine that there is an all knowing entity that is listening to the sounds of a busy city and has the ability to sort it all out and detect where he might need to intervene. Or it could be what a superhero hears when he is running a superhero speed through a part of town on his way to rescuing someone in peril. Keep up the good work.

  2. jon steinmeier Says:

    thanks ma!

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