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You like it? RAP ON IT!

November 23, 2009

Calling all MC’s and singers!

i made this track recently with aspirations to complete it with some dope rhymes, and then i thought i’d love to hear other folks have at it as well!

listen here: (it’s called “the old times”)

so, if anyone wants to try it, you can record your fresh poetry over it (streaming on my site), and send it to me!

OR…if you’re not a rapper, sing a part over it!  i’d love to hear what melodic material people come up with.


drop me a line at

i’ll be making my own in the meantime.



From the Archives #5

November 11, 2009

Maplewood is Sad

i’m sad to say that there was a point at which Maplewood was sad.  but here’s to a full life!

“Maplewood is Sad” features my basic track again (same formula as the others) and melody and text by Ben Miranda (Detholz, Tiny Tron).

The reading was performed by Ben’s friend Ola, who translated it into Polish from this (or something like this):

There is a squirrel in the backyard.
He is looking at a nut.
Is it truly a nut or his soul?
Does he long for the retreat from this earth?
blah blah blah



makes us sad…

What a Unicorn sounds like

November 4, 2009

this was inspired by a student of mine, who apparently has a keyboard with a unicorn “sound.”  i asked if it just sounded like a horse, and she said something to the effect of, “like a horse, but you know, sparklier.”

this made perfect sense.  but having not heard said sample, i curiously went about creating my own.